The Author Interviews

You as an Inca author have already kindly provided some details for us to put on the site, but imagine you are being interviewed by the local radio station, just ahead of your books taking off big-time. Before you order the yacht and sell the Hynishota Pointless, download this form and see about filling in the details. We try to ask all those tricky questions you might be faced with at book signings, tax interviews etc.

You shouldn't include any too personal details, like bank account number and shoe size, and please don't answer any questions you don't want to. Anything not covered can go into the last question. Feedback on the form, as always, gratefully appreciated. Here is an example of what another author has done: RW Author Interview

Download the blank form from here.

Please see what you can do and email it to me or the address at the bottom of the page. I will add them all in here as received, and link in to the Author page.

Anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the web site or mail.

Robert Wingfield - March 2017