Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some other answers that might help you:

Is joining the Incas going to cost me anything? Membership is free, as is a lot of the help and advice. You will only have to find some cash if you need extended services such as ghost-writing and major proof-reading/copy-editing work outside our resources.
What do I need to do to join? Submit the first 4 chapters or 5000 words (approx. Don't stop before you get to the good bits) along with a synopsis of about 200 words, a single sentence that describes the book, and a rough idea of the genre (humour, children's etc.). You can be in several genres as you can see from the available works page, and don't be put off if you have invented a new one.
What are the standards for my manuscript? We accept any genre of work electronically, not written or typed works. All we ask is that you have completed a spell-check and you or someone else have read it through for corrections before submitting. It doesn't have to be perfect at this stage.
We appreciate if you can adhere to basic standards of punctuation and formatting (use the Inca template if you like), and the use of the English language.
We also require that you have not stolen the story or writing off anyone else - plagiarism or otherwise. By submitting it you are confirming that the work is original and that you hold the copyright
How do I copyright my book? Will you steal it off me? You have the original files and that automatically proves it is your own work. The Incas will help you get it into print, that's all. If your work is unfinished, the remaining ideas are in your own mind. We are opposed to the removal of heads and brain scans. If your work is already finished, then we aren't going to be able to rebuild it from the first four chapters.
Do I need to have finished my story before submitting? No, the first three or four chapters will give us an indication that your work is going to be sensational and different. You then join and your proposal goes into the Work in Progress section.
Is there anything that will put you off? We all have standards of behavior. If your work contains serious taboo, libelous or writing intended to provoke or degrade named people or races then we may make suggestions or decline to take it on. You can see what we have available already, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us in confidence for clarification.
I would like you to proof-read my work. We will be more than happy to do that for you. If there are very many corrections required, we may recommend that you use the premium services on offer, but normally we will be content with a signed copy of the paperback when you get it into print.
I would like you to publish my work for me. We do have a service that can format your document for you and submit it. We will act for you in connecting to Createspace and let you have the formatted files, passwords etc. so that you have control of your own account. Depending on the amount of work required, we may have to levy a charge for this. Your work however always remains copyrighted and yours.
So what do I do as a member in return for joining the Inca showcase? Simply recommend the books on the Inca site to friends and relations. If you like the look of one, please buy it and write a (hopefully positive five star) review on Amazon.
Are you going to check up on me to see if I'm buying the Inca books? Not at all. The whole site is based on trust. If you don't buy a single other book, and yours becomes a best-seller and you retire to a life of luxury and fame, forgetting all your friends and Incas, then we won't be after you with a stout stick. We would like to think you'd give us a mention from time to time, but it is entirely up to you.
Have I sold my soul to the Incas? Not at all. You can leave at any time. There is no commitment. All you need to do is let us know and we will remove your books and links from the site.
My details are incorrect, can I sue you? Please don't. Just tell us what is wrong and it will be corrected immediately.
I can't write reviews. what can I do? Please just go to Amazon and submit the 5 star rating. You can write a single word if you like, but the more reviews we get, the more famous the Inca authors become, and therefore the more famous you will become
I write in a different language. Can I still join? Yes, but you will have to translate the book into English for us. If your own translation needs work then we do have people who can ghost-write the work for you in English, but of course we may need to charge for our time.
Are there services that will cost me? Yes, ghost-writing, translation, major formatting if you can't get to grips with our template might have to be considered. Writing requires hard work and dedication, and we do not have too many free resources to do all the grunt for you.
Are you responsible for the content in my book No, you as author retain all accountability. We are only a showcase, and if any works are revealed to be falling foul of the Law, we reserve the right to remove them.
So you won't accept my book automatically? Alas not. We have outlined possible reasons, and in the vast majority of cases we will be delighted to have you aboard. Do bear in mind that we have to reserve the right to refuse. It is our policy not to reasonably offend anyone and we will always give you guidelines the opportunity to correct the work and resubmit.
Does it matter where I live? No, we have members all over the world, as far apart as Peru, Brazil, Ireland and Australia. All are welcome. Writing is international and brings us all closer together.
How long should my book be? We tend to suggest that 80,000 words should be your target. Short stories and fragments of your work are all very well, but can leave the reader disappointed, wanting more. Our home page has a graphic of what you might call your work, depending on how long it is. Most people can write a short story; it takes dedication and commitment to complete a real novel.
Should I use chapters, and how long must they be? Having read books without chapters, personally I find them awkward without natural breaks. If you consider that the average busy reader has other things to do, then a chapter is a good place to put the book down when they get there. Chapters can be any length of course, but if you work on 3-4000 words per, then you will arrive at about 25 for a standard 80,000 word book. Chapter breaks can come at natural scene changes, or can be left at cliffhangers.