INCA Terms of Reference

There are many good authors out there in the world, some of them even published. Now, with the arrival of electronic self publishing and print on demand, anyone and his dog can publish. But are any of them ever read or worth reading? Well, perhaps by friends and family, but they are too polite to tell the author that their masterpiece is seriously in need of review. The objective of this group is to showcase the talent of self published, unsigned and those seeking to publish, and to save you, dear reader, from picking up and ploughing through a book on the off-chance it is any good. All the new books and authors highlighted on this site are worth reading; you do not have to work through dozens in order to find the right book and the right author. Read on to the Portfolio page to see what we currently have on our list.

Membership as a Writer

If you are a writer, in any genre, and feel you would like to join the group and have your work publicised, all you have to do is send the first few chapters, a few details and a short summary direct to the mail address “contact at incaproject dot co . uk”. See the Membership page for the full requirements.

Once we receive your submission, we will have a look through, and give you honest feedback. If the work is well-written and original, then a link will be included to it in this site, and we will promote your book with our network. If it needs improvement, we will provide free guidance and support for you to develop it. Each book promoted will gain a following, and who knows, perhaps the conventional publishers will wake up before they are completely superseded by word of mouth!

As always, your email address will remain strictly with the site owners, and the copyright and earnings on your work will be all yours. There will be no spam or advertising. This is a non-profit site, and our reward will be to see your work given the acknowledgement it deserves. If you then promote other members of the Project, we will all improve our standing. The Incas intend to be a force to be reckoned with and will become a major voice for the written word.


So many good authors, so little recognition. So many not-so-good authors, too much recognition. So many publishers, so little idea of what the public wants to read. So many readers, so little appreciation of what there is out there.

And What Do Members get? Back to top of page

1. Advice and assistance in their own writing, including copy editing if required (usually free).

2. Promotion of their own masterpiece across the many different layers of the INCA network.

3. A collection of the best works in the World to browse. If you like reading, you won’t be wasting your time with the books we recommend. After all, getting a book in a library or bookshop is a hit and miss affair. We have curated the choices for you, and this is where we differ from any mainstream publisher or seller. We are not interested in profits for ourselves, but only that good writing is shared.

4. Your life back. There are so many books available in so many different sites and locations that you couldn't read them all in a lifetime. We are here to save you wasting that precious time. If you like reading, then you won't be disappointed with the INCA protfolio.

What do you want from me?

We are NOT a publishing house, but a facility to help authors achieve the recognition they deserve. If we accept your work, all we ask in return is that you spread the word. Ask your contacts (both business and personal) to look at the site, to view the featured books and get them to spread the word to their friends. Advertising is purely by word of mouth at the moment, and the more recommendations we have, the better it is for all of us (and that includes YOU). Another way you can help is by adding our featured books to your wish list on Amazon, and once you’ve done that then why not buy one and see for yourself the quality of our writers?

Personal Reviews

It would be great if you were to do a review for each Inca book you read, but do note that personal tastes vary and we would be disappointed if you rated us anything less than top marks. We endeavour to make sure each book featured is a good and entertaining read. If you don't like it, please don't give it a low rating; rather say nothing, or better, feed back suggestions to us for the writer to take on board and improve the story. Without feedback we are scribbling (or more likely, tapping) in the dark.

Isn't this like Goodreads?

Yes and no. In Goodreads anyone can post, so you're never sure of what you are going to get. We only promote books we believe in, in any genre. Our watchword at INCA is QUALITY.

What about Authonomy?

Authonomy was a site supported by Harper Collins. The idea was that writers submitted their work for constructive criticism by their peers, and by promoting your own work, you could get it pushed up the ratings. Once the book reached the top ten, HC would take a copy and run it through their own reviewers and provide professional criticism.
All well and good, but the idea foundered, in that the books were probably not what HC were looking for, and eventually they gave up, shutting the site down and leaving many disappointed authors. Even most of those who reached the top had their dreams dashed on the rocks and failed to get a contract. The publishers are looking for specific material that they think will sell.
If you write comedy, you might have a look at CLOG on Goodreads, for peer reviews, which picks up where Authonomy left off (only without the empty promise of recognition).

What's in it for you?

The pleasure of being in contact with other good writers across the world, and reading their works. Some of us have made it big-time, and they will be able to point publishers in the direction of the other members. We are thinking in terms of how the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood expanded in the 19th Century, and would have liked a similar name, but nothing came up that was printable.


Oddly enough, the seemingly random choice of the word ‘Inca’ has been serendipitous in the way that those ancient worthies recorded everything they owned. In order to do this, they invented the Quipus (or Talking Knots), which comprised knotted strings, the colour of the strings and the distance between the knots was their writing. You had to be a very special INCA to be a Quipus reader!

The Incas did not use money. They exchanged goods and services, and that's how we work, exchanging reviews and assistance. We are not business or profit orientated, but thrive on word of mouth, recommendation and a team spirit of like-minded authors. Writing is usually a solitary and for most, profitless business, but carries its own rewards. We are here to help you achieve those.

Darius Stransky/Robert Wingfield - January 2017