Joining the Incas - Checklist

Everyone is welcome to contact us, even published authors who need extra support, but we request a few details to consider your application:

  • Submit a sample of your work in Word or PDF, the first few chapters, or a thousand words up to a good stopping point
  • Let us know how long the finished work is: See The Inca Project | Useful Tips for Writers to understand what you have written
  • Provide a very short synopsis (<10 words)
  • Provide a longer synopsis (200 words or so)
  • What genre are you writing in? Romance, Sci-fi, Children's or something else? See The Inca Project | Portfolio of Works for ideas
  • Make sure you have read and spellchecked your work and and checked our pages on Pitfalls and Punctuation (Resources tab) before submitting
  • If you have a cover, please provide a copy - 800x600 is sufficient
  • Also, an author photo (90x130 is enough) would be appreciated for when you publish and we add you to the author portfolio
  • Supply about 70 words to tell readers a little about you
  • Is there anything you can offer the group as part of your membership? At a minimum, we would ask you to choose at least one of the existing Inca works and submit a review on Amazon. This is how the mutual support works. In the mass of literature available, reviews are everything in getting the wider world to recognise our hidden talents.


We consider ALL submissions, but if you have questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via email.

Robert Wingfield - January 2017