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The Inca Project

We are a free resource for Indie Authors who have already published and those of you who have written – or are in the process of writing - a book, but are not sure just how to enter the world of publishing.Back to top of page

Whilst perusing some of the wonderful, yet unsigned works on Amazon, we wondered just why the big name publishers hadn’t picked up on these literary gems. Was it because the writers hadn’t approached the publishers / agents properly? Or maybe these wordsmiths had been turned down due to the gatekeeper’s desire for instant profit and sales? Or could it be that such works were too advanced and didn’t ‘fit’ into the perceived literary ideology. The main thing is that these works were brilliant and amazing examples of “The Ones That Got Away”.

The INCA ideal is simple – you ready for this? We want to gather a group of like-minded authors who meet a simple criterion as set down by the late Oscar Wilde who said, and I paraphrase here, "There are no such things as bad books. They are well written or badly written, that is all."

So, we want to see your work. We can help you as we help each other at INCA. Genre is not important to us but standards are (see Oscar above). If you become an INCA you will be a part of a community that is there for you. But please remember that we have standards and don’t be downhearted if – at first – we decline your request to join our merry band of writers, for we will help you in any way we can with edits and suggestions and all for FREE. Incorporating No Conventional Authors. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We agree that writing is an individual taste, but ask why are some books still unread on your shelf, washing machine or fondleslab. Are they difficult to get started, the writing is confusing, there are long boring introductions or something else? There are so many works out there so worth reading, and there simply isn't time to go through them all before we shuffle off our mortals. Why plough through 150 pages of dross before the story takes off, when you can be reading something that gives you a buzz straightaway?

The Inca Project is attempting to collect works that grab you so that you can't put the book down. It doesn’t even matter what genre you write in; even management and instruction books can be made interesting if the writer has the talent. These are the people we are looking for and want to help!

The only thing asked in return is that you give the existing Incas a look, buy and read if you fancy them (no obligation) and recommend to your friends and relations (again, only if you like what you've read). Review them on Amazon if you think they deserve 5 stars. If not, keep quiet - negative reviews are your own personal taste and we only like to encourage writers in the Inca community. We aim to spread the word and build outside of the traditional publishing 'money for everything' thing. One day, the Inca ideal will lead to a free society where good literature is available for all.

For reference, the real Incas didn't use money; everything was transferred by exchange and barter, and that worked fine until zealous capitalists arrived. We won't let that happen!

What we are doing is probably not what you studied in your writing course, but as always, if you 'follow the flow' you can only ever aspire to be average. Be brave and be different and there is a chance you will be noticed. That is what we are trying to do here, Incorporating No Conventional Authors...

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." William Shakespeare Back to top of page

Taking your written masterpiece - here are guidelines of your word count and how it might be described:

Guidelines for novel length

Inca Writers

The authors currently leading the Inca project include:

Callaghan Grant - Erotic Gothic Romance - Twitter and blog
Jeanette Taylor Ford - Romanic Ghost, Children's - Facebook page
Rob Gregson - Comic Fantasy - Rob's blog, the Null Room
Stefan Novak - Lifestyle and Inspirational
Tessa Pye - Proof, edit and lifestyle
Darius Stransky - Historical Intrigue - Darius' blog about Edward I
Robert Wingfield - Comedy, Sci-fi, Gothic, Children’s, Travel, Satire - The author's site