Here we are in the middle of a threat to the entire world. Most of us confined to quarters means we will be crawling up the walls. Unless you are Spiderman, one escape is to take up reading again, so do please browse our little selection to see if you fancy anything.
If you have any comments, would like to join us, or just want a chat, please get in touch with the project via Inca at the domain name, or through Facebook or Twitter.

The Idea

The Inca (Incorporating No Conventional Authors) site is a free bazaar, where any author who has a stock of their own books at home and wants to sell directly to the readers can have a link added. Conventionally, there is no contact between author and reader, but here, it becomes more personal.
Author, in order to list your book, you must have a small stock of your work ready for sale (or be working on a book you need us to help you with). You might have a batch you have bought from your publisher, or you may have entered into a contract with an agency that charges you to have your books printed, and have supplied you with stock. Either way, from this site, you will be able to satisfy the customer order directly, and ship from your own home.
We assist sales of listed books, by encouraging the authors who use the site to purchase those from other authors on the site. This way, everybody wins, and those boxes of unsold masterpieces gradually get used up.
When they're gone, the products can be delisted, or you can reorder another batch.
If you are a reader after something specific, you should grab the books while they are here and get signed copies ahead of the time when the author achieves massive fame, and your investment pays off.

Can we publish your book?
We can certainly help. If you already have a stock of books, we will list them on our site at no cost for you. If you are still working on your manuscript, we can help you get it into a perfect state ready for printing, and then link you with a short-run printer, who for a very reasonable price, will produce as few as 12 copies for you to sell from home, either via this site, or to distribute to outlets such as bookshops, libraries, etc.
If you don't want that hassle, the formatted book can be submitted directly to a retailer instead, and they will publish it for you. 

The benefits?
* Help for you authors with your problem of a stock of unsold masterpieces gradually dissolving in loft or garage, by giving you an extra outlet to move the books on.
* Reduction of the risk and outlay of self-publishing for you buying your own stock.
* Help improve the standard of self-published works, with free advice, formatting and presentation.
* The Incas hope you will consider our extra services, formatting, editing, proof, design, and marketing advice for authors.
You are not obligued to take any of these, though. If you already have a quality product, the listings are still free. We take no commission on your sales; the contract is directly between author and customer.

After reading the information on the Joining page, please contact us via the links at the bottom or through our email, Inca at the full domain name. For general enquiries, or to contact the Team, use the same address or any of the social media connections.

The Team

Disclaimer: In the event of you having problems, the Inca Project holds no accountability on any level. You visit this site on the understanding that you waive your rights to any attempt at litigation against us for any reason.
Sorry we have to say this, but the world is going increasingly mad, and disclaimers are getting larger than the sites they refer to. With that in mind, please remember not to flush large household items down the toilet, don't litter, and do clean up after your dog.