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  • The Pererloo Affair

    A researched historical romance, set around the massacre of peaceful protestors in St Peter's Fields in 1819.
    £8.00 UK


  • Percy's Predicament

    Strange and comic goings on at Percy's firm of accountants in the 1960s. Why do their clients keep having mysterious deaths?
    £4.95 (+1.65 Postage UK)


  • North Cyprus

    An informative colour travelogue and historical guide around a fascinating country no bigger than Cornwall in the UK.
    £15 (+£1.65 Postage UK)

  • Syros - One Man in a Hat

    A travelogue of a journey to, around and back from a hidden gem of the Cyclades. If you like away from the crowds, but still want to do more than sit about cooking, then try this...
    £7 (+£1.65 Postage UK)

  • Everyone's Guide to not being an Old Person

    A comic look at the things that people do to make themselves into an old person. They don't have to.
    £6.50 (+£1.64 Postage UK)

  • Stefan and the Sand-Witch

    A modern day fairytale for younger adults. Illustrated by Anita Burne, a night-time tale to cast a new light on the Sandman.
    £5 (+1.64 Postage UK)

  • Third Universe

    The version with illustrations by  Simon Walpole and the author, Tom's challenge involves saving three whole universes. The second in the Dan series.
    £10 (+£2.79 Postage UK)

  • Requiem for the Forgotten Path

    The second of Ankerita's Gothic series now involves a continuing flight from her nemesis and an attempt to save her best friend.
    £10 (+2.79 Postage UK)

  • The Fifth Correction

    Crack TCA agents, Bott and Scaly, close in on Tom, with orders involving the assembly of sniper rifles and the removal of all clichés. Dan the Fourth.
    £10 (+£2.79 Postage UK)

  • The Fourteenth Adjustment

    Tom’s non-payment of a parking fine coincides with the breeding season of his security forces, and the rise of a vehicle storage junta. Dan the fifth book. £10 (+£2.79 Postage UK)

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