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  • Small Stories

    Duncan and Maya Small become embroiled in a power struggle involving tea rooms, bake sales, the Welcome Wagon, and forces at work in the shadows (mostly because there’s no budget for lights).
    $14.99 USD (ask if outside the USA)

  • Shelf Life

    A young bookseller finds she's been living in a world of fiction, and can't escape unless she can stop a saboteur turning all the worlds of literature into a battlefield.
    £13.95 (P&P free if in the UK)


  • 2034 UnEarthed

    A chilling adventure set in a near future world still rocked by pandemic (hardcover also available - price on application)
    £11.00 UK Post Free

  • Countdown to Omega

    Ancient Aliens meets 2001 as the gods return with destruction of the planet on their minds.
    Only one woman with a piece of their technology can save it.
    £9.00 (+1.97 P&P UK)

  • Bloodaxe

    The first of the thrilling, fully researched, trilogy of the dramatised life story of Erik Bloodaxe, last king of Northumbria.
    'Speesh Reads' Book of the Year 2018.
    £9.50 (+3.00 P&P UK)


  • The Peterloo Affair

    A researched historical romance, set around the massacre of peaceful protestors in St Peter's Fields in 1819.
    £5.50 (+1.80 P&P UK)


  • Percy's Predicament

    Strange and comic goings on at Percy's firm of accountants in the 1960s. Why do their clients keep having mysterious deaths?
    £4.95 (+1.65 Postage UK)


  • North Cyprus, a Pocket Guide

    A 6"x4" reference book, for use when visiting this magical country with everything you need to see, half the royalties go to the local rescue centre.
    £4.95 (+£1.64 Postage UK)

  • Ravensdale

    Historical spoof love story between a dashing highwayman (displaced noble) and a 'wouldn't touch it' feisty maid.
    £7 (+£1.80 P&P UK)

  • Syros - One Man in a Hat

    A comic travelogue of an odyssey to, and around, one of the lesser-known gems in the Greek Cyclades.
    £9.00 UK Post Free

  • Ankerita

    The hard cover version of the illustrated Gothic chiller.
    A Tudor anchoress reborn in modern times is struggling to survive against past and present dangers.
    £15 UK Post free.

  • The Mystery of the Lake

    Swallows and Amazons for the 21st century.
    A discovery in a reclaimed dinghy begins a treasure hunt and unearths a sinister criminal operation.
    £10 UK post free

  • Where Worlds Meet

    1797, Emile and Sophie from'That Scoundrel' are back, as is that villain, Kenrick, and an army of monster men. As always, the humour is bubbling under.
    £7 (+£1.80 P&P UK)

  • Alex Sager's Demon

    Creepy Gothic ghost story of present events mirroring the fate of Alexander Pushkin, as a written creation becomes real.
    £7 (+1.80 P&P UK)

  • The Mystery of the Midnight Sun

    With the criminals exposed in the previous adventure, the team hide in the Lakes. Betrayed, they flee to Norway, falling right into more danger.
    £10 (+£2.85 Postage UK)

  • The Fifth Correction

    Crack TCA agents, Bott and Scaly, close in on Tom, with orders involving the assembly of sniper rifles and the removal of all clichés. The Fourth in the Dan series.
    £10 (+£2.79 Postage UK)

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