Application to have your book listed with us

If you have a book that you would like to showcase on the Inca Publishing site, then please contact us via the mailbox detailed on the home page, or social media: Twitter or Facebook.


If you already have a stock of your books, we provide a free marketing outlet. We may need to see a copy of your book before we accept you into the family. If you haven't got it ready yet, but do want to get it printed, there are a few simple stages we will go through with you:


Stage 1: We can provide a full service to help you edit and format your book. Initial consultation will be free, and there are resources on the Inca pages to help you with the formatting etc. If you wish to have us professionally edit and format your work, this may be chargeable, I'm afraid, but you will get the best rates anywhere on the market, and a product second to none. We will do a free e-book version if you engage this facility. If you only want to submit an e-book to Amazon, we can provide a formatted .kpf version for direct uploading at minimal cost.

Stage 2: Once you have your files formatted for printing, we will introduce you to our printing facility. You can engage them to provide a print run if you wish, or simply upload them yourself to Amazon, Lulu, or Smashwords. The contract is then directly between you and them.

Stage 3: Once you have your stock, you go to PayPal (or similar trusted third party (TTP)) and set up an account. PayPal provide a simple form to make a 'pay now' button (see our Bookstore and the information on the Resources page). You then send us the code they provide, and we will add your book to our site.

Stage 4: After that, when people click to buy, they are directed to the TTP, the money goes to you, and you ship directly to the customer. We don't take any commission.

Stage 5: Optionally, we ask if you would have a look at the existing Inca books for sale on this site, and see if there is anything you'd like to buy. This will help out all the authors, and you, of course, will get similar purchases.

There are a number of advantages to using this method.
1. You are in direct touch with your reader.
2. You keep ALL of your income.
3. You get rid of stock you have collected at home.
4. You can choose your own selling price.
5. If you run out of books, you can restock through the distributor or printer.

1. You have to arrange your own printing, but this is straightforward, and we will guide you.
2. If your sales take off, you will become very busy.
3. You may have to go to the post office a lot.

To conclude then, this process will work for a low number of sales, and you can send repeat orders off to the printer, should you use up your first batch, but really, if your book starts to sell in large quantities, will this be a problem? Conventional publishers will be flocking to your door.