Importing a book into Kindle

On the PC

You might receive the PDF or ePub file as an attachment to an email.
* Save the file on your PC.
* Select Accounts and Lists.
* Manage Your Content and Devices (title should now be Digital Content).
* From the Preferences tab on the top bar select Personal Document Settings.
* In Send to Kindle Email Settings, you will see the email address assigned to your Kindle account. It will be something like
* Further down under Approved Personal Document eMail List will be your own email address. This confirms that you are set up correctly.
* Compose an eMail, add the PDF or ePub as an attachment and send to your own address.
* After a while, if the book doesn't appear, you may receive an eMail from Amazon asking you to confirm that you will accept the upload.
* Once accepted and given a load of time for the conversion, it should appear on your book list. Job done.