Creating the PayPal Button

Creating your payment button in Paypal is easy:
Refer to the links on the points below to see actual screenshots of the actions, to compare with what you have on the screen.

* Create an account with PayPal, and log in.
* Paste this URL into your address bar (or click on it):
* You will get a page with a down arrow on it. Click this.
* At the next screen, select "Create your Payment button".
* Select the 'Shopping Cart' option and no customisation. Press Create Button.
* Press the Select Code button, and copy with CTRL-C. Ctrl-V into an Email for us for the site, along with the price and postage you have chosen, and a brief description.
We will then create the link for you.

If you would like to include an automatic thank you link as well, follow the process below:
* Log in to your Account
* Select "Edit Profile"
* Under "Selling Preferences", Select "Website Payment Preferences"
* Note first option - Select "On" - Auto Return for Website Payments
* Enter the Return URL,
* Click "Save."