Creating the PayPal Button

Creating your payment button in PayPal is easy:
Refer to the links on the points below to see actual screenshots of the actions, to compare with what you have on the screen. Note that the process may change without notice as PayPal update their site, but the general principle is the same. Do contact us for help if you get stuck.

   Create an account with PayPal, and log in.
   Paste this URL into your address bar:
   Choose the 'Buy Now' button
   Select the "Buy Now' or 'Shopping Cart' option and no customisation. Fill in all the details of item, price etc.
   Press Create Button.
   Press the Select Code button, and copy with CTRL-C. Then paste it into an Email for us (using CTRL-V) , along with details of the price and postage you have chosen, and a brief description of your book. We will then use this to create the link for you.

If you would like to include an automatic thank you link as well, follow the process below:
   Log in to your Account
   Select "Edit Profile"
   Under "Selling Preferences", select "Website Payment Preferences"
   Note first option - Select "On" - Auto Return for Website Payments
   Enter the Return URL,
   Click "Save."